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Ihara Science Quality

It is our work to satisfy customers with continuing to create and provide piping systems which optimally meet and respond to their expectations. To achieve this, we are continually striving and studying to properly understand customers’ constantly changing expectations and continue providing the expected products and services.

We always consider “customers” as the basis, consider an aspired form as our goal, keep in mind “three immediate decisions based on responsibility, wisdom, and planning” and attend to our work faithfully.

We are Customer Benefits Oriented

Our Strength

We develop, design, produce, assemble and install an optimum piping module per the segmentation. Ihara “Best-Fit” products include ep-fit, e1touch, clean clamp coupling etc.

Ihara “Best-Fit” applications of products and technologies include metal flexible hoses, semi-seamless tube, various fittings/valves with integral fittings (adapter-less, weld-less, screw-fit-less).

We develop Ihara production facilities for the “Best-Fit” including clean tube cutter, flare machine, and NC super vendor.

Benefits to our Customers

Ihara Science is Quality Oriented

  • Ppm level quality control
  • Complete traceability of assembly/testing procedures, and shipment

Ihara Science Employs Lean Production Systems (LPS)

  • Just In Time (JIT) production/delivery
  • Stable shipments with the shortest lead time
  • Prompt adaptability to market demand fluctuation

Ihara Science Certifications

  • ISO 9001 (DNV-GL certification)
  • ISO 1401 (DNV-GL certification)
  • CE Valve Ratings for Europe (TUV Rheinland certification)
office of ihara

Global Locations

  • Japan
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • USA, CA
  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions - USA, CA
  • All World Machinery Supply - USA, IL
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • South Korea
  • All World Machinery Supply - Mexico
  • South America
  • Chile, South America


Ihara Science Corporation Headquarters Japan
Ihara Takanawa Building
3-11-3 Takanawa, Minato ward
Tokyo 108-0074

Fax: +81-3-6721-6993



No.1692-8 Xinghu Road
Economic & Technological Development Zone
Nantong, Jiangsu 226010
P.R. China

Fax: +86-513-81520182


Ihara Science TAIWAN Co., Ltd
No.79, Mingyi St.
West Dist., Taichung City 403

Fax: +886-4-2319-1126


Ihara Science Corporation USA
17971 Sky Park Circle, Suite B
Irvine, CA, 92614 USA

Fax: 949-387-3739

Email: info@iharascience.com

South America

Ihara Science Corporation USA
17971 Sky Park Circle, Suite B
Irvine, CA, 92614 USA

Fax: 949-387-3739

Email: info@iharascience.com

All World Machinery Supply - USA - Distributor

For General Industrial, Automotive and Construction
6164 All World Way
Roscoe, IL 61073

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions - USA - Distributor

For Micro Electronics
3010 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504


Ihara Science Corporation USA
17971 Sky Park Circle, Suite B
Irvine, CA, 92614 USA

Email: info@iharascience.com


Metron PM
Moshav Achuzam (Kiryat Gat)
Israel, 7959500

Web: www.metron-pm.com

Email: info@iharascience.com

South Korea

Ihara Science KOREA Co., Ltd
Digital Empire Ⅱ103-905
Sinwon-ro 88
Suwon-Si Gyeonggi-Do 443-734
South Korea

Fax: +82-31-695-6808

All World Machinery Supply - Mexico - Distributor

For General Industrial, Automotive and Construction
+52 442 291 0597
6JGN Business Park, Bodega 36
Prolongación Bernardo Quintana #2481
Delegación Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Querétaro
QRO. C.P.76138

Eduardo Medina Riffo

Gerente General
IAP Componentes Limitada
Santiago – Chile

protect the forests

Ihara Science Nakano Memorial Foundation supports the natural environmental preservation
in the forests of Tsukechi area, Nakatsugawa-City where Ihara Science manufacturing plants are.
We plant and grow broad-leaved forests, as well as public awareness campaign for conservation
of Satoyama (village-vicinity mountain).

protect the forests

(above right) Chairman Tokuo Nakano – Ihara Science

protect the forests

Forest of Tsukechi (Planting broad-leaved trees)

protect the forests

(above left) Seeding for Mushrooms (above right) Logs for Mushrooms

Cleaning Bamboo Woods

protect the forests

(above left) Before our work (above right) After cleaning

Recovering “Satoyama”

protect the forests

protect the forests

We would like to protect natural environments for coming generations.