A variety of fittings for all projects including weldless, metal gasket seal, tube fittings for vinyl and plastic, and more.

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A variety of valves for all projects including bellows valves, diaphragm valves, stop valves, ball valves, and much more.

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Multiple hose and tubing solutions including flexible metal, stainless steel, and precision steel tubing.

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The products introduced here bring out 100% of the performance of fittings used in various piping work, and more over, enhance both work efficiency and reliability and help achieve quality improvement throughout the entire piping system.

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Build Quality

  • Quality is work itself.
  • Work is expression of a spirit.
  • Customers’ expectation takes precedence over everything else.
  • Quality should comply with customers’ “expected ruler (expected value)”.
  • Quality control is self-management to find the gap between the aspired goal and the reality and to fill it.
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The Ihara Difference

At Ihara, we value both customers and ourselves. The value percolates to our product strength, durability, and design ultimately delivering a piping system that exceeds your expectations. Both customers and we ourselves mutually feel gratitude from the heart. That is the view of work at our company. When we are engaged in such work diligently and people supporting us are pleased to say “thank you”, it is the pinnacle of our happiness.