Ihara Services

Ihara Science fittings and valves support areas of soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. And the efforts that improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, control of water and air pollution.

solar panels

Equipment or applications where Ihara products are used

  • Refuse incineration plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Fuel Battery
  • Next-generation energy (wind generation/photovoltaic/others)
water reservoir

Related Products

TVR Ball Valve

TVR Ball Valves

Can be selected in accordance with the application pressure from vacuum to 30MPa as well as by the fluids being handled. Special cleaning specification is also available. Non-standard connections can also be made upon request.

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Fitting developed for soft vinyl chloride hoses.
It consists of nut, sleeve, o-ring, insert and main body. The design retains the vinyl hose by utilizing an insert inside the hose that locks down with the sleeve through the nut. It can disassembled and reassembled repeatedly. Can be changed from hard to soft piping and has enhanced reliability against water leakage and secure hose connection.


Weldless Fittings (e-fit)

Mechanical pipe fitting (sizes 15A to 50A) designed to substitute welded stainless steel connections. Consist of nut, back ferrule, retainer, o-ring and body. Reduces labor cost of welding, reduces flow resistance for better performance, enables piping change (reassembly) for better maintenance, simple and quick assembly, ideal for areas the prohibit open flames (welding) on site.